‘Falcon Films’ is an entertainment production and distribution company specializing in theatrical, VOD, and television distributions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The company was founded in 2002 by Sobhi Sannan and his sons Rami and Raed Sannan.

Over 1000 films have been released by the company since its commencement, including award-winning movies:

  • The Salesman (Oscar-winning for best foreign language movie)
  • Still Alice (academy award winner for Julianne Moore best actress)
  • Land Of Mine (nominated for Academy Award for Best Foreign language movie)
  • Winter’s Bone (nominated for 4 Academy Awards.

The company has also focused on releasing commercial-genre-movies such as Vehicle 19, Hours, Phantom, Cut Bank, Barely Lethal, Cold In July, Blue Ruin, The Trust, Mine, Cop Car, The Invitation, Bushwick, 6 Days, Berlin Syndrome, Anon, Brawl In Cell Block 99, I kill Giants, Final Score, Mandy, Arctic, Code 8, Vivarium, The Silencing, and Alone.

Pertaining to production, Falcon Films has produced several commercial Arabic movies such as the Mega Hits starring Ziad Bourji (Bghamdet Ain, Bel Ghalat, Maharaja, Yom Eh Yom La2, Wala Ghalta) and some Egyptian movies (Tahet El Tarabiza, Nom El Talat and Abla Tamtam).

As of 2021, the company started the production of high-quality and remarkable series for the Arab region such as Downtown, 8 Days, and The Chamber. Worth mentioning is that the company is currently in the process of the development of 8 projects, with a target of three releases per year